I used to feel like a lone juice box in a land full of straws.

FullSizeRender-1People showed up, straw in hand, ready to drain me.

And I let them.

I totally let them because I thought that was love.

That I had to be needed in order to be loved.

So I eagerly offered up spots for them to stick their straw so they could drain me. Hoping they’d return the favor. That letting them drain me would make me feel loved.

They never did. (Return the favor.)

And I never did. (Feel loved.)

Maybe you can relate?

Maybe you feel like…

  • You have to earn being loved.  If you don’t make it happen, it won’t happen.
  • You’ve given everything you have- and then some– and you still feel alone.
  • Sometimes you’re too sensitive, needy and weak.
  • You want to be useful to everyone around you. You’re not totally sure why they’d hang out with you otherwise.

And, no matter how much you give, the people closest to you just aren’t happy.  And it feels like they aren’t happy with you.

Yeah. Me too.

See, I’ve never really fit the typical mold.

FullSizeRenderI’ve always been intuitive, empathetic, compassionate, sensitive. What my family calls “tender-hearted.”

I like to put others first. To care-give and support.

I worry about hurting people’s feelings. Their pain is worse than my own.

Harsh words hurt me way more than sticks and stones ever could.

I struggle with competition. Because I feel so bad for whoever loses.

All this made me different than my family.  You know, the black sheep.

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I spent years believing there was something wrong with me.

Physically sick from being an energy sponge.

Emotionally + spiritually malnourished.

Totally over-giving to feel like I mattered.


The more I tried to be “normal” the more my life fell apart.

It took going within, uncovering, healing + replacing my limiting beliefs.

Learning skills to keep my juice box full.

And, creating a tribe + support system filled with other tender souls to start creating a life that works for me.

And together, we can do this for you, too.

Kindness isn’t my job.  It’s who I am.

Now, it feels like a blessing that I don’t fit the typical mold.

I’m a therapist who believes there’s nothing wrong with you.

A coach that knows it doesn’t matter what you’ve got on the outside if you feel crappy on the inside.

An energy worker grounded in science.

Life isn’t one-size-fits all. And neither is healing.

Something amazing happens when you align yourself with other tender souls.

It’s sacred.


Healing for your heart and soul.

It’s what I’m passionate about. And why I’m here.

To help other compassionate souls, like you:

  • Find the strength in your tenderness.
  • Create a new relationship with your gifts.
  • Make peace with your needs.
  • Develop tools for keeping your juice box full.
  • Uncover the blocks + self-sabotage patterns that keep you creating a life that makes you feel like you don’t matter.

When we’re done, most of my clients say they didn’t know life could be this good.

When you value your kindness so does everyone else.

I’m still totally a juice box.

View More: http://whispersoflightphotography.pass.us/caley-2014It’s just that now I’m a totally empowered one-straw-at-a-time and only-through-the-appointed-straw-hole juice box.

And, I’ve got the tools I need to keep my juice box full.

In the words of my clients,

“I’m no longer just surviving. I feel like I’m thriving!”

So now I get to spend my time teaching other juice boxes, like you, how to keep your juice box full.   So you can start thriving, too!

Interested? I’d love to help.

Professional Stuff


  • Bachelors degree in Psychology (2000)
  • Masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy (2009)

Trainings + Certifications

  • Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach
  • EMDR
  • Lifespan Integration

I’m also a Reiki practitioner.  And trained in meditation techniques, energy reading and clairvoyance.

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A little more about me

  • My hubby and I are college sweethearts. Been together since 1999. He hooked up my first email address + we saw our first ever DVD together.  The Matrix (hehehe)!


  • Same hubby + I filed for divorce after 18 months of marriage. We fought our way back to each other and have created a marriage that fulfills us both.
  • I literally cannot remember a time I didn’t want to be a therapist. I love my job!
  • I often ignore software updates on my phone so I don’t risk my Candy Crush level.
  • I love coconut everything.
  • Am a total sucker for mediocre police dramas.
  • The Office Max catalog is totally my version of porn.

“If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.” ~John Assaraf

Ready to find a way? Nice!  Let’s get started.