How to Know if a Coach or Program is Right for You

Lately I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with lots of potential new clients.


I love this part of the job!


But, there’s one aspect of these calls that often breaks my heart: shame.


Often disguised as fear.


Shame is something we feel on the inside that tells us we’re not good enough.  Something’s wrong with us.   We have to change who we are in order to feel good enough.   And, to be loved.


Which sends us searching for the “perfect solution.”

One that guarantees success.

Has worked for “everyone else.”

And tella us exactly what we need to do to be loveable + find our purpose.


This has been my biggest hurdle in my coaching transition.


Kinda like an infomercial, coaches have a tendency to tell you that they have the answers you’re looking for.  


That they’ve created a sure-fire, will-work-for-you, guaranteed-success program that has worked for everyone they’ve ever worked with.   They’ll take you through steps 1 through 6 and your life will magically be changed.   Forever.


You know what this actually does?


  • Sets you up for failure.  Cause it’s not addressing your needs, your strengths, your hurdles and what the heck got you to this place to begin with.


  • Creates more shame. Way more shame. If it’s worked for “everyone” before you then it must be your fault it isn’t working for you. Right?


  • And keeps you looking outside yourself for answers.   Hoping + believing that there’s a magic solution that you can apply without doing the inner work.


Here’s the thing my friends: personal growth is so not a one-size-fits-all thing.


Kinda like perfect fitting jeans, there is no one program that fits every personality type.  (And honestly, anyone who tells you different is just trying to make money.) 


Now this doesn’t mean that all coaching programs are bad.  They aren’t.


Or that you can’t find one that’ll change your life so easily it feels like magic.   You can.


It just means you need to know what to look for.


Here are 3 things to consider in finding your perfect fitting coach or program:


  1. Know what you need.


There’s a BIG difference between information, education and practical next steps and internal healing, shifting and releasing.


If you’ve been stuck- for any length of time- internal work is needed.   Next steps, education + information will only overwhelm if you’re not able to take action steps.


  1. Is sabotage is addressed?


We all sabotage ourselves.  All of us.

If we don’t uncover these patterns and deal with ‘em, they’ll keep showing up.

It doesn’t matter how great the info this or that program has- if you’re inner saboteur goes unchecked, you’ll end up back where you started. 100% of the time.


  1. Is the focus you or the process?


Going back to question 1, if you’re in the need more info camp, then a generalized process can be exactly what you need. For example, books, self-study courses, huge anonymous programs give you the info + you go out and make it happen.


If, however, you already have the info- you know what you need to do- and you haven’t been able to turn that info into action then smaller, personalized, meet-you-where-you-are programs are going to be a better fit.


This is where individual sessions + small personal groups can be the most helpful. They’re designed (ideally) to meet you were you are and address your specific blocks.



Much like clothes, when we get out of the one-size-fits-all mentality, and are willing to get in there + try things on, we learn what fits us.

What flatters us.

What highlights our best traits.

The Dark Side of Intuition: 4 Fears That Keep You Avoiding You

I’ve always been intuitive.


I often know my friends are pregnant before they do. I’m a 20-Questions champ. And know when my hubby’s put the empty jar of peanut butter back in the fridge even before I’m home.


And I’d always just left it at this. A funny party-trick, if you will.


But the longer I work with clients the more this “skill” has insisted on being heard.


I ignored it.

For years.

And it just kept getting louder.

Changing forms.

Demanding to be acknowledged.


The more I ignored it, the more I ended up sabotaging my life, relationships + business.


Kinda like what Joseph Campbell refers to as the Hero’s call.  My soul just couldn’t (or wouldn’t) rest until I embraced this gift and started down the clairvoyant road.


I’m happy to say I’m now several months in to a clairvoyant training program. (One I bailed on, at the last minute, for the last 3 years.)


And my life + business will never be the same.


Now that doesn’t mean it’s been a smooth road.


There have totally been times I’ve wanted to put this particular genie back in the bottle.


I mean, it can be scary.   Disorienting.  Nerve-racking.


And, to really be able to help people, you’ve got to do your own work.

So you know what’s yours.

And, what’s theirs.


And nobody really talks about this part.  


What it takes. Why it’s scary.  And why we avoid it.


So our fears, misperceptions and lack of knowledge run wild.  Blossom.  Make fear babies.  And keep us ignoring ourselves.


Today I want shed some light on these fears by sharing mine.    So hopefully you don’t wait as long as I did. And you can start fearlessly listening to yourself, now.


4 fears that kept me from letting my intuition skyrocket + how intuition has helped me through ‘em:


1.  What will people say?

Totally normal, pretty common fear, no matter what we’re going after. When it comes to intuition this one is a particularly funny catch-22.


Yes, people may have not-so-nice responses to your pursuit of the woo-woo.   And, the farther you go in your clairvoyance skills, the more sure you’ll be that that their fear is totally about them.  And has nothing to do with you.


Which makes it effortless to feel compassion for them.  And totally peaceful in your path.


2.  Fear of seeing the truth.

From a young age we start seeing things as the people around us want us to.

To fit in.

To be accepted.

To win brownie points.


It easily becomes unclear what’s our truth and what we’ve accepted as our truth. So, opening the Intuition Box can kinda feel like opening Pandora’s box. You have no idea what you’ll find.


Turns out, that old cliché, “the truth will set you free” is totally true.
The more willing I am to see the truth…the more I see.


Options, opportunities, patterns, hiding, blaming, shaming, fear, avoiding, compassion, sabotaging.  In both me + others, to name a few.



3.  It’ll overwhelm you.

You’ll become Whoopee Goldberg in Ghost.   You’ll be haunted- all hours of the day + night- with info just dying to connect with you.


Turns out, intuition isn’t all or nothing.


It’s kinda like volume.  I can turn the volume up or down, based on what’s going on in the moment.


Once you’re willing to own this gift, you’re able to create + learn techniques for dealing with it.



4.  What if I’m wrong?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to intuition.   Just interpretation.


We all see, intuitively or not, through our own lens.


Which is created by our life experiences, beliefs and interactions. This is why I see a friend bailing on lunch at the last minute one way, and you see it a totally different way.


Both are right.


They’re just different interpretations of the same event. Because they’re coming from different viewpoints.


The more you’re willing to see, the more you’ll be able to see this one, too.

How to Know What You Need Next

CaleyPowerPointTemplateDuring my therapy session last week both my therapist + myself were in stitches when this sentence flew out of my mouth:


“Oooooooh, It’s just shame.  Sweet!”


We’d been exploring why a supposed to be fun assignment (spending virtual money) was making me feel so darn yucky.



We sat with it.

Turned into the discomfort.

Listened to my body.

And were totally curious about what it was feeling and what it wanted to tell me.


It totally clarified itself in this one simple word: shame.


Now I get that shame + laughter don’t usually go together.  


But here’s the thing: I totally know what to do with shame.   And, I had zero idea how to get myself to enjoy spending virtual money.


So, uncovering that shame was holding me back was an amazing gift.

And a total opportunity to get over this hurdle.  Once and for all.


See it’s not that we feel something yucky, uncomfortable or scary in our bodies that’s the problem.

It’s that we run from these feelings.   And judge the heck out of ‘em.


THAT’S what keeps us stuck.


Now I’m not saying you have to know what to do with shame.  You don’t.  (I didn’t always.)

Or that your yucky feeling is shame.  It might be.  It might not.


But until you’re willing to know exactly what it is, how will you ever know what it needs?  Or, what to do with it?

Spiritually speaking, this is called, “being willing to see the truth.”  And it’s kinda like bringing a knife to a gun fight.  You gotta know what you’re dealing with to know what you need to be able to deal.


For me, what it really boils down to is listening. 


Listening to myself.  My body.  My wisdom.  My gut.  Especially when my body’s saying “yikes!”


So now it’s your turn.  Ask yourself how you handle those uncomfortable, painful, down-right-yucky moments?  Do you turn into them?   Avoid ‘em like the plague?  Or run like heck?

Your answer is full of insight into why you are exactly where you are.  ❤

Why You FEEL Like You Aren’t Making Progress

One of my fave parts of being a coach is reminding my clients exactly how far they’ve come.


It’s so easy to downplay our own achievements.


Pass ‘em off as coincidence, luck or deem ‘em not good enough.


An outside perspective (like mine) can be so helpful.  And so healing.


So what gives? Why do we do this to ourselves?


I find when we feel can’t feel or remember our progress it’s generally one of two reasons:


  1. We’re too good at letting go.


  1. We’re too good at looking ahead.



See, when we’re too good at letting go we’re always focused on the letting go part.


Our priority is the next issue to be tackled.
The next hurdle in our way.
And, what we’ve still got to work on.  


Which means we forget- completely- to fill in with new.


We’re so busy moving on to the next thing we need to let go that we skip the oh-so-important step of replacing the old limiting beliefs, patterns, relationships with newer, healthier, positive, forward-moving beliefs, patterns + relationships.


So, even though we’re seriously working our booty off, we’re left with a big ol’ hole.
A huge void.  


It’s not that we haven’t made progress.   Not. At. All.


It’s that we’ve purged our lives + and emotional closets in order to create our desires and then totally forgotten to ADD OUR DESIRE.


And, then there’s being too good at looking ahead. The problem here is that we’re always focused on the future. Y ou know, down the road.


We’re locked into where we want to get. What we want our lives to look like.


All the while, blissfully ignoring what’s right in front of us + what we’re doing RIGHT NOW that created this situation to begin with.


Kinda like asking for directions to the Space Needle, you’ve got to know where you’re starting from for the directions to make any sense.


Paying attention to your starting point is how you not only track your progress- so you know you’re making some- but also how you know which route to take. Which pattern to alter. Which belief to replace.


In both cases we skip steps for fear that they’ll knock us off our course.  Slow us down.  Or keep us stuck.

When we (finally) accept that it’s the skipping steps that keep us stuck… progress is unavoidable. 

Are Your Wants Keeping You Stuck?

My wants and I have been going through a major growing phase lately.  Major.


I used to do this thing where I put all my wants into the same category.  Maybe you can relate?


If I thought it, I called it a want.

Didn’t matter if it was to marry Johnny Depp, attend grad school, swim in the Olympics or have a pet dog.  

A want was a want—as far as I was concerned.


Now, thanks to my Law of Attraction tutelage, I see- so clearly- that not all wants are the same.   AND lumping ‘em all together…. well that’s what keeps us stuck.


See wants really fall into two categories: wishes + desires.


Wishes are light, airy, dream-like.

They sound good. (Often too good to be true.)

They feel attractive and totally unattainable. Which creates their draw.

They’re external.   Just outside your reach.

And while it’d be nice if they happened, the dream of them happening is way better than the reality.


Desires, on the other hand, are a yearning that comes from within you.

They’re solid, driven, viable.

There’s action, fire + passion when you think ‘em.

They feel possible.  Attainable.

And achieving them feels better than dreaming of them.


Wishes sound good- and we have zero intention of putting energy into them.  (Hello Johnny Depp)

While desires we can’t help but energy into.  (Hello grad school)


When we mix these guys up, when we call our wishes desires, we send ourselves BIG TIME mixed messages.  

Which leads to all kinds of dropped balls.  
Herky jerky planning. 
And oodles of self-judgment.

But, when we know the difference between a wish and a desire we can align ourselves with our true desires (hello grad school) and let our wishes be exactly what they are- awesome daydream material (hello Johnny Depp).

Knowing the difference between these two will save you time, energy, face with yourself AND keep you moving forward.   Even if it’s to fantasy-land for just a few hours. (Hey, everyone needs an occasional break!)

Here’s 4 simple questions to help you figure out if you’re dealing with a wish or a desire:

1.  Am I willing to put energy into creating this?

2.  How much energy?

3.  Am I willing to be challenged, to step outside my comfort zone, to achieve this?

4.  What am I going to do when it gets hard?

**Please, don’t judge your wants that turn out to be wishes.  Celebrate ‘em!  Not only are they great daydream material; they also mean you’ve got way more room on your plate to go after what you truly desire.  
It’s a win-win in my book! :)


How Letting Go Can Keep You Moving Forward

This week’s post is actually the newsletter I sent out this week.  

I decided to post an oldie but goodie blog post this week so that I could keep working on some new + exciting things.    As I wrote this newsletter (in under 5 minutes) I realized it’d make a great post.  

SO, I’m sharing it with you here.  I mean, why not?  Right?  :)

It’s amazing what flows out of us when we’re willing to listen, get out of our own way + stop limiting ourselves to one definition of success.   Hope you enjoy!


“This week, I’m leading by example. 

I’m letting go so that I can keep moving forward.

See I’m up to my eyeballs in new posts + my new website.  Things are looking g-oo-d AND they’re not quite ready to share.  At this point, I’m pretty sure they only make sense in my head.  :) 

So I had a choice. 

I could spent today stressed out desperately trying to force one of these new born posts into something that makes sense to everyone NOT living in my head.  (Believe me, I’ve done it before.  And, will probably do it again.)

OR, I could re-post an oldie but goodie and give myself room to breath and keep working- with love- on the new stuff that’s pouring out of me.

I choose option 2.

Which is so on point for the post I’ve selected.  And, for the art of letting go. 

WAY too often we get stuck on one picture, definition, expectation of the way things need to go.   Talk about lack + limitations!

Being willing + able to see opportunities, possibilities… abundance is so part of letting go.  And, it makes success so. much. more. attainable.

The trick to making sure that you’re letting go so you can move forward (vs. putting it in park) is this simple question:

Does letting this go move me closer or farther to my ultimate goal?

If it moves you closer- like this week is doing for me, allowing me space to keep creating- then 100% look for options, possibilities, think outside the box and let. it. go. already.

If it moves you farther- is an excuse, keeps you stuck, means you won’t take the next step towards your ultimate goal- then it’s time to buckle down, put on your come-hell-or-high-water-pants and find a way to get it done. 

You don’t always have to have the perfect plan or execution.  You’ve just got to be clear about your wants + extra clear if you’re moving towards ‘em or stalling out.

To mastering the art of letting go!


P.S. Turns out I’m totally digging this newsletter so THIS is going to turn into this week’s new post!  Planned on posting once, ended up posting twice- with very little effort- just by listening to… ME. 

Man, I love this letting go thing.  :)”


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The Dos + Don’ts of Letting Go

Today I’m re-posting an oldie but goodie.

It’s one of my most popular posts.  And, the topic of letting go is always relevant.  Always.  :)

7 essential dos + don’ts for letting go. 

1.  DON’T ignore what you really need. 

Letting go isn’t a catchall phrase and it doesn’t heal all hurts.
Letting go happens once we’ve processed + healed the hurt.  

Not before.

If you’re in the middle of a major anxiety melt-down, drowning in heartache, or desperate for things change, odds are letting go isn’t what you need (or want) right now.

DO clarify what you really want.  

Support, understanding, nurture and healing all have to happen before we can let go.   And, they’re what we need most when we’re in pain.  

Take time to ask yourself what you really want right now.  If it’s got to do with pain, I promise a little TLC will go a long way.  

2.  Don’t Nike yourself.  

By this I mean, you can’t “just do it.”  

Not when it comes to letting go. 

And, the more you badger yourself to “just do it” the more stuck you’ll become.  

Letting go is a process + it can only happen when we’re open.   When you’re screaming, “JUST DO IT ALREADY” at yourself, you’re body’s in total lock down mode.  Nothing is getting in OR out.

DO embrace some woo-woo.  

Letting go involves all of you, not just your beautiful mind.  

I mean it’s not your mind that hurts; it’s your body, right?  

Meditation, energy work, yoga, breath, reiki and prayer are essentials to letting go ’cause they get you outta your head and into your body, where the hurt is.  

3.  Don’t do what you’ve always done.

Whatever you’ve been doing hasn’t worked.  So why keep doing it?  

DO try new things!  

Think outside the box.  Get out of your comfort zone.  The only way to feel something new is to DO something new.

4.  Don’t do things ’cause someone told you to.  

I call this “good-student” answers + actions.  When my clients do something ’cause I told ‘em to –  with zero heart, connection or intention of their own – well, it never ever works.  

DO what speaks to you.  

The truth is there’s many ways to let go.  And what works for me may not work for you.  

When you’re open and willing to learn + feel the process on your own, letting go happens naturally.  It’s not the steps that allow you to let go, it’s letting something you need in that makes the difference.  So listen to yourself + ask, what do you really need to let this go?

5.  Don’t look for all the ways it didn’t work. 

I call this “hole-poking” and it’s the single worst thing you can do to yourself.  If you spend your time, energy and attention looking for what’s wrong then that’s what you’re gonna have– a life that feels wrong.

Do look for all the ways growth is showing up.  

Teach yourself to look for + celebrate the places that you have made progress, that are going well and how far you’ve come.  The more joy, compassion + hope you look for- the more you’ll have a life that feels that way. 

6.  Don’t fantasize about “them” fixing it.  

Yes, someone may have hurt you.   BUT, and I say this with love, the wound is yours.   

Let me explain: if they literally physically stabbed you with a knife, they (literally) hurt you AND the cut would be yours to take care of.  Even if they apologize!   

You’ve got to clean, dress and care for the wound ’cause it’s on your body.  Well, same rules apply to emotional wounds.

DO focus on you.

Take your power back here and focus on you + what you can do.  Your options for taking care of yourself are endless when you focus on what YOU CAN DO.  

If you’re stuck running the loop of having it out with them in your head, it’s a sure sign you need to go back to step one and figure out what you really want.  This means something is still missing.

7.  DON’T do it alone.

It’s painful.  It’s lonely.  It’s totally unnecessary to do it alone.  And, it will take so much longer.

DO embrace support

Support comes in all different shapes and sizes.  And it’s yours for the taking.  You’ll feel so much stronger.  So much clearer.  And it will go so much quicker if you buddy up with someone.

Keep these do + don’ts in mind no matter what steps you take, and you’ll be on your way to letting it go in no time!

Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working For You

We’ve all heard the saying, “What you put out is what you get back.”

And it sounds so simple, no?

This over-simplified statement is exactly the Law of Attraction (LOA) gets a bad rap.  And, why it can feel like it’s not working for you.


See there’s a “catch” to the LOA that most people don’t know: it doesn’t just listen to our words.   It listens to- and mirrors back- our FEELINGS, too.


It’s a mind-body sorta thing. That you can’t fool, deceive, get around or dupe.  Kinda like a lie detector.   The LOA always lets you know where you really stand on a subject.

Here’s 3 ways we butcher the LOA that make it feel like it isn’t working:


1.  Change your words. Only.


When it comes to LOA words help us to get in touch with our feelings/beliefs. Paying attention to what naturally comes out of our mouths is an easy way to figure out what we actually believe- deep down in our bodies.

So when it comes to making the LOA work in your favor, it doesn’t matter so much WHAT we say, as it does if we believe what we’re saying.   If we’re physically in alignment with the words that are coming out of our mouth.  Or not.

Changing your words alone won’t help you if you’re body is screaming “Hell NO!”

You gotta get your body on board with what you’re saying, or wanting, or wanting to believe. Otherwise you’re just attracting “Hell NO!”


2.  Affirmations can make it worse. (Seriously.)


So if you’re using affirmations that bring up “Hell NO!” in you then you can actually make things worse. ‘Cause you’re reinforcing “Hell NO!”


It’s important to find affirmations that work FOR YOU.
That meet you were you are.  
And move you up the emotional scale at a pace your body can keep up with.


For example: if you’ve spent your life telling yourself, “I suck,” then switch one day out of the blue to, “I’m awesome” you’re body is going to have a really hard time keeping up with this huge jump.  

And trigger all kinds of, “oh no you aren’t” feelings in your body.


BUT if you try going from “I suck” to “I’m pretty good at __(name one thing)____.”  WAY less triggering.

Your body gets used to the positive association. And you can keep adding other things you’re good at as you climb up the scale to “I’m awesome!”


3.  Lack of Faith.


So in this one, we’re saying the “right” things. (Good!)
They’re not triggering us. (Great!)

But we’re thinking, “This’ll never work for me.”


We’re full on engaging our what-can-go-wrong muscle and totally ignoring our what-can-go-right-muscle. In other words we are sure things can go wrong. We doubt that things can go right.


With this attitude my friends, you’re gonna feel majorly S T U C K.  Big time.


Stuck + totally frustrated ‘cause you believe you’re doing “everything right.”  And yet, once again, you’re body + your words are in total MISalignment. So you’ll just create more misalignment.


I’m not gonna lie, becoming besties with the LOA and really feeling like you can create anything you want- like the Universe totally has your back- it takes some work.   How much depends on how committed you are to your old beliefs.

How Long-Term Goals Can Keep You Stuck (just ask the Seahawks)

CaleyPowerPointTemplateWe’ve all been there.  Mind racing.  Heart pounding.  Second, third…. tenth guessing ourselves.


We truly believe we’re doing everything we can to reach that seemingly illusive goal.  Yet we’re totally in the dark when it comes to what needs to happen next.


Yeah.   I call this over-thinking.  And the Seahawks super bowl loss is the perfect example of this.


In those last 20 seconds they were so focused on “the prize” (winning) they lost sight of what needed to happen.  Right.  Now.  They literally took their eye off the ball.


To be successful with long-term goals you’ve gotta know two things:


  1. Where you are right now.
  2. What (baby) step needs to happen next.


No matter how close or far you are to the finish line.


I know.   It sounds kinda crazy.  Backwards almost.


But the truth, is all the middle stuff- all the baby steps- can feel kinda mundane.
They trigger resistance.
They get boring.  
They’re without glory.

AND they’re how you reach your goals.  Whatever your goals may be.


Here’s 4 signs the finish line is distracting you from playing your best game:


  1. You don’t know where you are right now. Or, how you got there.


If you’re unaware of what you’re doing right now, there’s no way to figure out what alterations need to happen to reach your goal. Knowing your starting point gives you a much clearer plan of attack.


  1. You feel blindsided. Often.


Basically, you’ve been so focused on the horizon (long-term goal) that what’s right in front of you is a huge blind spot.   You don’t even see “it” coming.

Like the Seahawks. You’re thinking 20 seconds down the road, while your opponent is looking for opportunities right now.

  1. You miss opportunities.   Often.


Again,  you’re focus is so far from now.  So far in the future. Down the road. Out there.   That you don’t see what’s right in front of you. Right now.

You’re trying to run the clock out, so the other team can’t score, and totally miss the chance for you to score. Right now.


  1. You keep asking, “Yeah, but, how do I get there?”


This is a dead giveaway that you don’t want to see what’s going on right now. You’re feeling the tediousness of the baby steps and trying to skip to the end.


What you’re really asking for is that magic pill that gets you across the finish line with none of the blood, sweat or tears.   Which is a perfectly acceptable goal.  AND, you’ll be way more successful finding it if you clearly state that as your goal.  :)

“At 26 years old I won’t allow 1 play or 1 moment to define my career. 
I will keep evolving. 
                          -Russell Wilson

Major Respect, Russ!   And, awesome learning moment for all of us.  12’s or not. 

6 Signs Your Soul is Craving Solitude

CaleyPowerPointTemplateHave you ever noticed that something magical seems to happen every year about this time?  

We head into hibernation mode.   Big time.

It’s like our souls- as a collective- are craving solitude. 

And they’re not shy about demanding asking for it.

I know it’s happening to me.  

And, it seems to be happening to everyone I know.

My personal theory is that this is our soul’s way of introducing us- or reconnecting us- to our soul goals.  

You know, our purpose.  

Solitude is how our spirit connects the resolutions we set a few weeks ago to our purpose.  

If we let it, solitude shows us our blocks + our hurdles. 
It’ll show us what we need to say goodbye to.  
And, what we need to say hello to. 
It’s the beginning of taking the training wheels off our dreams.
And starting to imagine exactly what “this or something better” means.


I find this period of solitude to be deeply healing.  

When I lean into it.   When I embrace it.   When stop fighting and just allow it.


The problem is most of us fight- like crazy- this sacred call.   We avoid it.   Judge it. We shame it and ourselves for even having such a craving.  And we worry that turning into it means we’ll always feel this way.


I have yet to find a way out of this space without leaning into it.


Both personally.   And for my clients.  


It’s like the Devil’s Snare in Harry Potter.   The more you resist and fight it the more it’ll constrict around you. Relaxing + allowing yourself to be in this space is the way through it.   Leaning into it is the way out.


Same with solitudes calling.   Leaning into it is the way out.

Here’s 6 signs your soul is demanding totally craving solitude.

1.  You’re irritable.    At everyone.   Not mad really.   Just irritated- constantly.


2.  You’re tired.   No matter how much you sleep.   No matter how much downtime you have.   You just can’t seem to get it up.


3.  You’re zoning out.    A lot.   Especially during usually enjoyable downtime activities like watching TV or reading.


4.  You’re anti-social.   Nothing sounds better than a long weekend barricaded cuddled up at home.


5.  You’re lethargic.   About everything.


6.  You’re worried about how you’re feeling AND have no desire to change it.


Don’t change it…. Lean into it.

Use this sacred time to connect with you.


Journal.  Daydream.  Meditate, or learn to meditate.  Pray.  Seek spiritual support from others.  Visualize growing.  Talk to yourself- A LOT.  Stretch- physically, emotionally + spiritually.   Listen.


Like in nature, this solitude is a beautiful season.   A season of your soul speaking directly to you. 

All you have to do is….. allow it.