1 Super Simple Step to Improve Self-Esteem

Believe it or not, getting enough rest is an important and super simple way to help improve your self-esteem.  Rest allows our bodies, minds, emotions, and nervous systems to recover, repair, and better take in and understand new information.

You’ve felt the difference between a day at work after a good night’s sleep vs. a sleepless night, right?  Sleep increases our ability to concentrate,  better understand new information, problem solve, and brainstorm; not to mention increase our tolerance,  ability to roll with the punches,  resiliency, and objectivity.

Your Sleep Account

Sleep, like self-esteem, is similar to a bank account.  If you have a full account, or a savings account, it’s easier to deal with life’s hurdles when they arise.

This is actually a really important truth to understand, especially when working on self-esteem.  Every single person on the planet has an off day, a stressful day, a less than perfect and a down right terrible day from time to time.  It’s not if these things happen, it’s when; no matter how high or low our self-esteem.  Our level of self-worth does not determine the ups and downs we go though in life, but it does determine how we are able to handle these ups and downs.

Having a “full account” to draw from, or getting enough rest, helps us to better deal with, understand, and handle life.

Why This Helps

Running on a “full tank” has many benefits for your self-esteem…

The ability to better respond to situations that do arise.  This my sound simple, but it a huge component to self-esteem!  Knowing that we can and/or will survive life difficulties builds confidence and fosters coping skills.  When we know we can handle what life throws at us we feel better about ourselves and less anxious about what is around the next corner.

Feeling Empowered.  Taking a simple but profound step to take care of yourself, and to have more in control of your own life and body creates a sense of empowerment.

Just plain feeling better! Sleep, rest, down time are crucial for decreasing anxiety, stress, illness, and fatigue.

3 Super Simple Ways to Increase the Amount of Rest you get

  1. Turn TV/computer off 1 hour before bedtime.  Our brains and nervous systems need a little down time to process and reflect on our days before being able to “shut down” and sleep.  Try taking a warm bath, drinking a cup of tea, writing in a journal, reading, listening to music and/or meditating the last hour of your day and notice what happens to your quality of sleep.
  2. Sleep in a dark room.  Research has shown that having a light on while sleeping decreases sleep quality, not to mention causes weight gain.  If you are used to sleeping to sleeping with the TV on, try listening to an audio book or music instead.  There are special types of music that help sleeping by increasing specific brain waves. Or, use the sleep setting on your TV so it turns off while you sleep.
  3. Close your eyes. Find small periods during the day where you can close your eyes for a couple of minutes.  Every notice how animals often close their eyes even when they aren’t asleep?  When our eyes are closed it signals our bodies to restore and repair.   Simply closing your eyes for 1-2 minutes at a time throughout your day will increase the rest your body and mind get.