The Catch 22 of Change

I came across this super sweet blog post today via Twitter.  (I just love how twitter brings me new things I’d never find on my own—thanks, Twitter!)

Describing therapy as a “catch 22” is a very accurate description.  I mean let’s face it:

Therapy works because it is different.

It is a change.

It is doing something different.



I can totally get how this can feel like a catch 22. 

As living beings we’re drawn to homeostasis, to consistency, to stability, to mastery.  We wanna know how our day is going to go, where to get the best cup of coffee, how to succeed at work, how to create relationships we enjoy.

We want steadiness, safety, and security.

But here’s the thing– everything, absolutely everything, changes at some point.

So putting all our focus on stability ends up leaving us ridged, unbendable, and in-adaptable and ultimately this is what creates distress.

Learning and mastering flexibility, adaptability, and creating our own systems, processes, methods for coping with change, is change.  Is different.  Is growth.  Is where stability, safety, and security comes from.

We can certainly call this a catch 22- in a lot of ways it really is.  But without this catch 22, we’re just doing more of the same, and therefore, end up with more of the same.

We have to change, in order to experience something different.

Where are you avoiding this catch 22 in your life?  Where are you holding onto old beliefs, definitions, patterns that are leaving you with more of the same?

Have you considered that doing something new– something you wouldn’t normally do, that your family doesn’t do, that you’ve never done before– may be exactly what you need?