Modern Day Journaling


The 5th tool I’d like to share from my toolbox is a new version of an old standby…. Journaling. Journaling is an important self-care tool because it is a great way to 1. Keep track of your thoughts and feelings 2. Discover patterns in your life, and 3. Shines light on the places where you [...]

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Flower Essences


The 4th tool that I’d like to share from my personal toolbox is Flower Essences. Flower Essences are a natural way of restoring balance within our bodies and minds by helping us release negative emotions, memories, and blocked or stagnant pocked of negative energy we may be holding on to. Flower Essences work on an [...]

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Another favorite tool in my personal toolbox is called Treasuring. What is Treasuring? Treasuring is similar to positive thinking, but instead of taking what is and trying to see it from a positive lens, you dream about already having what you want. In treasuring you pick something you really desire like love, money, a home [...]

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Happiness Project Toolbox


So far this month I have shared 3 of my must-have toolbox items with you, and I've got 4 more to review with ya before the month is over.  Not to mention the free MP3 download of my favorite relaxation technique will be available before the end of the week! Since Creating Your Own Toolbox [...]

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Egg Timer (Yes, Again)


Do you remember this post about the incredible inedible egg timer? In that post I shared with you how I use an egg timer to create pockets of time in my day; well, I also use an egg timer to help bring more balance to many of my relationships including my marriage. Which is why [...]

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You Can Heal Your Life


If I were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one book with me, this would be the book!  You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L Hay.  It's a must-have in my toolbox. Louise wrote this book back in the 1970's- it's a precursor to the recently popular book The Secret.  You [...]

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Valerian Root


A tool I always have on hand as part of my personal toolbox is Valerian Root. **Now, I'd like to point out that I am not a Doctor, and as with any supplement or herb you should always consult your Doctor before starting- especially if you are on medications, are concerned about your health, nursing [...]

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Creating Your Own Toolbox


This month, I am dedicating my blog to “My Favorite Things.” We all are looking for simple ways to add balance into our lives, so this month I am going to share some favorite tools that I use to create more balance in my own life. When reading these posts it is important to keep [...]

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April Newsletter “My Favorite Things”


April 2010 Newsletter- My Favorite Things Welcome to my new monthly newsletter! Each month I’ll tackle a new topic and offer useful tidbits and tools for creating and maintaining a healthy life and fulfilling relationships.  If you like what you read here, keep visiting my blog for free downloads and more information on each month’s [...]

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