3 Must-Have Components to Setting Resolutions You Can Totally Meet

It’s my favorite time of year: resolution time!


Time to start fresh.  Dream of who we want to become.   And, set some goals to get us there.


We tend to start off strong + determined.   Then, somewhere around the 3rd week of Jan our enthusiasm wears off and we find ourselves…. well…. NOT reaching our goals.   Again.


Which brings up the ol’ belief + fear that there’s something wrong with us.   We’re weak. Worthless. Not good enough.   A failure.   You get the picture.



The totally liberating truth, my friends, is that there’s nothing wrong with you.   (Promise.)

You just need to learn HOW to set goals.


It’s not as simple as saying, “I want to loose weight.

There’s more to it.  Way more.

The more you understand + up your goal setting process, the more success you’ll have reaching those babies.


Here’s 3 must-have components to setting resolutions you can totally meet:


  1. Know how you want to feel vs. what you want to get.


Let’s just say your resolution is to drop 20 lbs.   Awesome.   Ask yourself these follow up questions:


Why do I want this?   How do I want to feel?


Most likely your answers will be some sort of desire to feel “better.”  Stronger.  Healthier.  More confident.


Dropping 20 lbs, while a great goal, is only part of feeling better, stronger, healthier and more confident.  


There’s way more that goes into what you really want– to feel better.  


When we’re aware of + in alignment with what we really want to feel we can start feeling that way…. NOW.


On the road to reaching our end goal.


Every choice, option, decision or plan simply becomes a question of will that make me closer or farther from how I want to ultimately feel.


  1. “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” AKA  There’s more than one way to reach your resolutions.


When you give yourself just one way to achieve what you really want- like the weight loss resolution– you paint yourself into a corner.  


You saying there’s one path, one option, one chance for success.  “I must loose 20 lbs or continue to hate myself + feel like crap!”


Yeah.  So not how success works.  And so not motivating.


The truth is there are heaps of ways to feel better.   Now.

And leaving out all the options but one- like diet + exercise– doesn’t make us feel better.   It makes us feel so much worse.

Welcoming all our options supports us + makes it so much harder not to reach our goal.

  1. Time is your bestie. Use it to help you!


Usually when we set a goal we “to infinity and beyond” ourselves.  

We say something like, “I’m going to start working out 5 days/week. From now on.”   AKA Forever.


Yeah.  Our brains don’t comprehend forever.


And, when we leave the door that wide open it’s easy to say, “Well, missing this one day isn’t that big of a deal.”  Yeah…. We all know how that one turns out….


Setting specific, shorter, manageable, achievable time periods that you can totally get your come-hell-or-high-water- I-WILL-do-this attitude on is major.


It’s the key to keeping you focused + moving.


So, if you didn’t work out at all last year, ask yourself how long can you come-hell-or-high-water commit to working out for this year?


Then, when that period of time is up you re-evaluate, re-calculate and re-commit to another specific period of time.


Friends, it really isn’t you, your will power, your worth, or your character that determines if you reach your resolutions.   It’s all in how you go about tackling these slippery little suckers.  

You can do this.  I know you can!  🙂