5 Step Forgiveness Plan (Step 5)

The fifth and final step in my 5-Step forgiveness plan…

Forgive yourself if old negative feelings flare up again, and simply repeat the first 4 steps whenever they are needed.

“Forgiveness is a journey. Today you can forgive and tomorrow you can feel the pain all over again” Anne Gallagher.  I think this quote is so true and so telling of forgiveness.

Sometimes the pain comes back to us because we are new a learning to forgive, and it takes getting used to.

Sometimes the pain comes back because it’s been our “go to” defense for a long time and we have to retrain ourselves to respond in a different way.

Sometimes the pain comes back because a new hurt touches upon hurts we’ve carried for a long time.

Sometimes the pain comes back because we are sad about something or someone we lost.

No matter what the cause or reason for the pain coming back letting yourself face and experience the sadness, or the real emotion, will bring much more healing and relief than letting resentment and anger back into your life.