6 Signs Your Soul is Craving Solitude

CaleyPowerPointTemplateHave you ever noticed that something magical seems to happen every year about this time?  

We head into hibernation mode.   Big time.

It’s like our souls- as a collective– are craving solitude. 

And they’re not shy about demanding asking for it.

I know it’s happening to me.  

And, it seems to be happening to everyone I know.

My personal theory is that this is our soul’s way of introducing us- or reconnecting us- to our soul goals.  

You know, our purpose.  

Solitude is how our spirit connects the resolutions we set a few weeks ago to our purpose.  

If we let it, solitude shows us our blocks + our hurdles. 
It’ll show us what we need to say goodbye to.  
And, what we need to say hello to. 
It’s the beginning of taking the training wheels off our dreams.
And starting to imagine exactly what “this or something better” means.


I find this period of solitude to be deeply healing.  

When I lean into it.   When I embrace it.   When stop fighting and just allow it.


The problem is most of us fight- like crazy– this sacred call.   We avoid it.   Judge it. We shame it and ourselves for even having such a craving.  And we worry that turning into it means we’ll always feel this way.


I have yet to find a way out of this space without leaning into it.


Both personally.   And for my clients.  


It’s like the Devil’s Snare in Harry Potter.   The more you resist and fight it the more it’ll constrict around you. Relaxing + allowing yourself to be in this space is the way through it.   Leaning into it is the way out.


Same with solitudes calling.   Leaning into it is the way out.

Here’s 6 signs your soul is demanding totally craving solitude.

1.  You’re irritable.    At everyone.   Not mad really.   Just irritated- constantly.


2.  You’re tired.   No matter how much you sleep.   No matter how much downtime you have.   You just can’t seem to get it up.


3.  You’re zoning out.    A lot.   Especially during usually enjoyable downtime activities like watching TV or reading.


4.  You’re anti-social.   Nothing sounds better than a long weekend barricaded cuddled up at home.


5.  You’re lethargic.   About everything.


6.  You’re worried about how you’re feeling AND have no desire to change it.


Don’t change it…. Lean into it.

Use this sacred time to connect with you.


Journal.  Daydream.  Meditate, or learn to meditate.  Pray.  Seek spiritual support from others.  Visualize growing.  Talk to yourself- A LOT.  Stretch- physically, emotionally + spiritually.   Listen.


Like in nature, this solitude is a beautiful season.   A season of your soul speaking directly to you. 

All you have to do is….. allow it.