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I’ve learned to shine.  Hiding’s never worked anyway.

Like you, I was born a caregiver.

Which means (like you) there’s something about me that people’ve always been drawn to.


I call it my light. You have one, too.

Some people like it.  Some people want it.  Some say it’s “too much.”  And some… want to snuff it out.

I’ve tried to hide my light.   Tone down my gifts.  Run from my personal power.  And make everyone around me happy. (Hoping that would make me happy.)

But hiding’s never worked.

‘Cause darkness only makes light brighter.

So we shine anyway.

Professional Stuff


  • Bachelors degree in Psychology (2000)
  • Masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy (2009)

Trainings + Certifications

  • Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach
  • EMDR
  • Lifespan Integration

I’m also a Reiki practitioner.  And trained in meditation techniques, energy reading and clairvoyance.

A little about me + you:

We are: Intuitive.  Empathetic.  Smart.  Driven.  Compassionate.  Sensitive.

We want: To make a difference.   To feel connected, peaceful, grounded.   To better understand ourselves + the people around us.

We care about: everyone + everything.

We long for: meaningful, fulfilling relationships.   Confidence.   Knowingness.   Soul stirring awakenings.   Unconditional love.   Divine purpose.

We feel: everything.

Me + you, we make a powerful team.

Falsehoods you might’ve been told (+ believed):

You “should” always be tender + kind.   (But these skills won’t help your resume!)

Your emotions are “too much” or needy.

You’re responsible for everyone’s feelings.

Taking care of you is selfish.

Being powerful means being mean, angry and vindictive.

Yeah, I know.   I fell for these too.

Growing up these fear-based beliefs were clearly communicated to me.  Verbally and nonverbally.

And because I wanted the people who said them to love me, I listened and agreed.   I did my best to fit in.   To follow what they said instead of my inner truth.

And my life looked like this…

Physically, I was always run down + tired.  I got sick at the same times.  every.  freaking.  year.

Emotionally, I was confused.  My emotions waffled between fear + numb.  I was either painfully, forcefully giving it all I had…or hiding.

Relationship-wise my life was a hot mess!  My relationships were dramatic,  draining and  constantly ending.

Spiritually, I was malnourished.  I knew I wasn’t living my purpose.  And, there was more to life,  but I had no idea how to create “more.”

Getting back in alignment took courage + a willingness to start looking at ME, instead of what was happening to me.

I had to open my heart + mind to new ideas.   To new people.   To rituals and routines.

I had to heal old hurts.  Acknowledge the places I’ve caused hurt + judged.  And unplug from some people and patterns.

I had to face my upper limits.  Question their purpose.  Uncover how I sabotaged myself.

Make peace with my personal power.

And learn to embrace + fuel my gifts.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!

When you’re ready, it’ll be the best thing you ever do.

Together we’ll help you remember…


Healing comes through us.     Not from us. 

Trying to be the source of healing for the people you love is why they’re not getting better AND why you’re so depleted.

Our purpose is to do our own work.  Heal.  Change.  Grow.   On the inside.

Then let our beautiful, bright, and loving light create a safe space for others to do their own work.

How + when we get there?   That’s up to you! 

I offer several ways we can work together.   So we’re to go as slow or fast, shallow or deep, human or Divine as your soul is craving.

All you have to do is…. ask.

A little more about me

  • My hubby and I are college sweethearts. Been together since 1999. He hooked up my first email address + we saw our first ever DVD together.  The Matrix (hehehe)!


  • Same hubby + I filed for divorce after 18 months of marriage. We fought our way back to each other and have created a marriage that fulfills us both.
  • I literally cannot remember a time I didn’t want to be a therapist. I love my job!
  • I often ignore software updates on my phone so I don’t risk my Candy Crush level.
  • I love coconut everything.
  • The Office Max catalog is totally my version of porn.

“Call off the search party, I was inside me all along.”  ~Rebecca Campbell