All you need is love

Wouldn’t it be great if Love was all you really needed to have a successful, happy, long-term relationship?   The truth of the matter is that relationships need more than just love to grow and flourish.  Unfortunately, our hectic schedules and life’s demands often get in the way of learning what our relationship, partner, and self need to be healthy and happy.

My hope is that this blog becomes an easy check-in for you to pick up some tips and tools about creating and maintaining a healthy relationship and self.

So here’s my first thought I’d like to share….  Love is a verb. Seriously, when you look up love in the dictionary it is listed as both a noun and a verb; and the distinction between the two is very important.  We show the people in our life that we love them by the things we do and the actions we take.   Sometimes this means choosing to act in a loving way even when we aren’t feeling it.

Relying on the feeling part (noun) of love alone cannot sustain a long-term relationship.  Life, jobs, money, kids, in-laws, dirty bathrooms and laundry (etc. etc.) all eventually get in the way of feeling love.  It’s our actions (verb) that carry us though these times and allow us to create a deeper more fulfilling love.

This distinction is so important and is why some relationships go the distance and some don’t.

Relationships that have lasted 10, 30, or 60 years do not last because they got lucky, or haven’t faced hard times, or haven’t been through periods of time where they lost the feeling of love; they have lasted because the people in them chose to act in a loving way despite these things.   They relied on the actions of love to carry them through the hard times and back to the feeling of love.

What are your actions saying to the people in your life?