Analysis Paralysis: 3 Reasons You’re Frozen (+ How to Get Moving Again.)

We’ve all been there. That frustrating combo of frozen + spinning all at the same time.

You’ve got a sh*t ton to get done and you can’t get yourself to move.   Even worse, when you finally do move, you’re spastic, flustered and your mind is racing.

You’ve in the throws of major analysis paralysis.  

And you want out.  


Here’s 3 causes for analysis paralysis.  And, what to do instead.

1.  You’re focused on what everyone else thinks.  

You want to do a good job.  That’s understandable.  Natural even.    BUT focusing on what everyone else thinks, more importantly what they think of you, means you’re not focused on the task. 

You’re focused on you.

It’s impossible to preform when you’re looking around to see who’s looking at you.  ‘Cause in that moment you’re not actually performing,  you’re people watching.

Here’s what to do instead.    Take a deep breath + get your focus back!  

Break your project into the baby-ist of baby steps and FOCUS on accomplishing each step.  
One.  At.  A.  Time.

Don’t daydream about turning it in.  Don’t fantasize about your class mates lifting you onto their shoulder in triumph.  Don’t think of the project as a whole.  Or how much longer it’s gonna take.

Just focus on the one thing.  The one line.  The one box.  The one step that has to happen now.  
Then, when it’s DONE, repeat.

This will most likely be a major work-out for your brain.  It’s call being in the present moment + it takes practice.  

It takes repetition.  And it takes time to master.

So, give yourself a break AND keep at it.  Every time you boss’s face pops into your head, acknowledge it.  
Thank it for reminding you this project is important to you.  And kindly show it the door.  

Then focus back on the baby step in front of you.

2.  You’re trying to think it through.  When what you need to do is feel it through.  

Oh man, you can get caught up in your own head, no?  Like an all out chess battle plotting 15 steps ahead.  
Which always created analysis paralysis.   Always.

The things we rock + knock-outta-the-park start with our hearts, not our heads.

Analysis paralysis strikes when our heads are ball hogs, leaving our hearts riding the bench.

Here’s what to do instead.    Get your heart back in the game!

Remind yourself the purpose of the project.   The usefulness of it.   Your WHY for doing it.   Even if it’s to get paid.  
(Getting paid is a great reason to do things.)

Then feel your way to the next step.   

Our heads are necessary to get things done.  Heart is why we do it  + the only way to genius.  

Feeling your next right step is crucial to creating a project you feel good about it.   It’s how you get the passion back into any project.

So, next time you look at your to-do list or timeline, ask yourself, “Does this FEEL right + make sense?”  
All the sense in the world doesn’t make you feel connected… to anything.  

3.  You’re defining yourself by the outcome.  

Ohhhh, this is a good one!   When you define yourself by the outcome of a project that you haven’t even started
yet–  it makes starting,  the scariest thing in the whole world.

Try this instead.  Remind yourself (+tell yourself), “I’m in the process of _______”  

For example, “I’m in the process of learning how to do this.”

Or, “I’m in the process of completing this project.”

The journey- not the outcome– is how you learn.   The journey- not the outcome- is how you streamline + improve.  

It’s the journey, not the outcome, that leads to you feeling confident in your skills.  

The outcome?  Well, that’s just icing on the cake.