Are You Repelling What You Want Most?

CaleyPowerPointTemplateI have a new motto I’m in love with:  be the water.

This little gem is changing…. everything

See, water takes the path of least resistance.  Always.   

It doesn’t pick a fight with boulders or trees that pop up in its path.   It doesn’t try to change or move the boulder.  

It simply + effortlessly curves its path around the boulder.   

Even when the boulder is so big it can’t see the other side.   Water just keeps bobbing, weaving and bending as needed.  

Not getting angry about it.   Not blaming.   Not trying to win.  

Just following the path in front of it.

Without a doubt my biggest, most difficult and life changing lesson has been learning to allow.  

You know, BE the water. 

Not controlling, not overdoing or over functioning, not tensing up and not resisting.  

(I’ve got LOTS to say about learning to allow.   It involves trust + faith.   It’s how we achieve our goals + manifest our desires.  It’s how we get in the flow of life.   Live joyfully and effortlessly.  It’s a super important principle of the Law of Creativity (better known as the Law of Attraction).  And a valuable skill to master.   There will be future posts on all these things.  I promise!) 

For today I want to talk about how NOT being the water actually repels what you want most.

See, the more I practice being the water, the more I’m aware when I’m NOT the water. 

It usually involves some combo of these words:

  • But
  • can’t
  • don’t
  • that’s not OK
  • I can’t
  • that’s bad
  • that’s wrong
  • that’s crazy
  • I don’t agree
  • you’re wrong

All of these little babies are about resisting what’s happening.   

Resisting what’s coming your way.   Or trying to move the boulder other person.

When we use ’em, we’re planted. 

In fightin’ stance.  

And nothing’s getting past us.   Nothing.  

Which is the whole point! 

When we resist we blow right past the things we actually want. 

We can’t help it.  Our energy is set to resist, avoid, deflect, reject and so we do this to the things we want most.

For example:

We give a nice Xmas present to someone we care about and we can’t allow in the genuine “Thank you.”  


We’re just about to reach a massive goal and suddenly we switch paths + start all over again.  


We give ourselves whiplash toggling back and forth between action and procrastination.

In a nutshell:  we are achieving our goal.  Nothing IS getting past us.   Not even the things we want.  

Being the water, learning to allow, is the path to having the life you’re dreaming of.   

We’ve got to be willing to allow the thank you’s, success and creative juices into our hearts + our lives.    And stop repelling ’em.