Forgiveness Podcast

Hi again!

In my last post we explored resistance causing misconceptions about forgiveness, and one of the biggest misconceptions that tends to keep us stuck where we are is that forgiveness is an all or nothing, black or white process.  But this simply isn’t true.  Forgiveness is a journey.

To help you start this journey, and to change things up a bit, (not to mention, give you a break from all the reading!) I created a podcast with one of my favorite and most respected colleagues, Aimee Heffernan.  Thanks Aimee!

In this podcast, Aimee and I discuss helpful ways to decrease resentment in your relationship, making the journey towards forgiveness a bit easier.

Please download the podcast here.Forgiveness MP3

To download an MP3 above, RIGHT-CLICK on the link and select ‘save-target’. Mac users should do a Control+Click.

If you’d like a copy of the forgiveness exercise Aimee shares in this podcast, you can download that here. Forgiveness Exercise.

For more of Aimee’s wisdom and insights please check out her blog.


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