Happiness Project Toolbox

So far this month I have shared 3 of my must-have toolbox items with you, and I’ve got 4 more to review with ya before the month is over.  Not to mention the free MP3 download of my favorite relaxation technique will be available before the end of the week!

Since Creating Your Own Toolbox is our topic this month, I wanted to share an interesting site I came across with you.  One of my favorite blogs, The Happiness Project,  had this post yesterday about their very own toolbox website.  Cool, right?!

The Happiness Project Toolbox is another great resource for building, and even storing, your personal toolbox.  When you sign up, this site provides you will 8 tools to help you create your own personal happiness project.

Remember, variety is an important component in a helpful toolbox.  Having an assortment of tools that both help you create happiness, and simply soothe you when the chips are down, will not only make your toolbox its most useful, but also allow you to create and maintain balance in your life.

Maybe you’ll be able to find something useful for your own toolbox on their site……

A quick review of the 4 guidelines to having an easy to use toolbox

  1. Your toolbox can be literal or figurative as long as you can easily access it
  2. Add Variety to your toolbox
  3. Think of your toolbox as a living thing, allow it to grow and evolve over time
  4. Toolboxes and toolbox use are not black and white assignment

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