How to Have More Fun: 4 Life Lessons from Masters of Fun

Yesterday I got to spend the day hanging with 3 of the coolest little dudes around.  

We played.   We talked.  We cried.   We threw things.  We played some more.   It was totally awesome.  

And I learned a few things about living a passionate life from these tiny tots that I’d totally forgotten.  

I mean, seriously, kids are masters at living with passion.   

And, within all of us, there’s an inner child just begging to come out ‘n’ play.  

We ignore it.  Push it down.  Tell it to be quiet.  Call it names even.  

Yet all this joy-loving part of us wants to do is help you live a passionate life.  

Becoming besties with your inner child is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself.  And, it’ll change how you feel in your life + how much you enjoy your life.  Entirely. 

So, I teamed up with my inner child and took some notes while hanging with these tiny gurus-of-fun to figure out exactly what they do differently.  And why they have so much more fun.   

Here’s what it boils down to:

1.  Playing IS the plan.  

Playing is the most important aspect of the day + is giving top billing. 

2.  When it’s not fun anymore, change it. 

Never let rules, physics, reality and/or logistics stand in the way of fun.   Ever. 

3.  Throw a tantrum when you don’t get it what you want  I mean, speak up for yourself + your wants.

Know what you want and ask for it.   Clearly.   Repeatedly if necessary. 

4.  Forgive quickly + easily.

Holding onto grudges means you could be missing out on something better.   Not worth it.  Not one bit. 

Totally simple + totally genius, no?   I’m telling ya, these dudes were my gurus yesterday!  

Let’s take it one step further and break these super simple yet totally brilliant lessons down for our adult lives: 

1.  Make time to play every day.

If it’s NOT on your list odds are it won’t get done.  And, if fun isn’t part of your daily routine how can you expect to enjoy your life?

2.  Think outside the box.

You don’t have to do what you’d always done.   Change up routines, definitions and actions and never feel stuck in a rut. 

3.  Ask yourself what you want + then ask the Universe for it.

This is one of those simple vs. easy things.   Knowing what we want sounds simple but can be far from easy to figure out.  Spend time with yourself + your inner child figuring out exactly what you want.  Clarity is one of the best feelings out there- not to mention HOW you actually get what you want. 

4.  Let it go. 

I mean seriously, holding a grudge takes effort + energy.   Effort + energy you could be spending in so many other more delectable and satisfying ways.  Learn to focus on what you DO what, what IS going right, how you ARE being supported and loved and let the rest go.