How to Know What You Need Next

CaleyPowerPointTemplateDuring my therapy session last week both my therapist + myself were in stitches when this sentence flew out of my mouth:


“Oooooooh, It’s just shame.  Sweet!”


We’d been exploring why a supposed to be fun assignment (spending virtual money) was making me feel so darn yucky.



We sat with it.

Turned into the discomfort.

Listened to my body.

And were totally curious about what it was feeling and what it wanted to tell me.


It totally clarified itself in this one simple word: shame.


Now I get that shame + laughter don’t usually go together.  


But here’s the thing: I totally know what to do with shame.   And, I had zero idea how to get myself to enjoy spending virtual money.


So, uncovering that shame was holding me back was an amazing gift.

And a total opportunity to get over this hurdle.  Once and for all.


See it’s not that we feel something yucky, uncomfortable or scary in our bodies that’s the problem.

It’s that we run from these feelings.   And judge the heck out of ‘em.


THAT’S what keeps us stuck.


Now I’m not saying you have to know what to do with shame.  You don’t.  (I didn’t always.)

Or that your yucky feeling is shame.  It might be.  It might not.


But until you’re willing to know exactly what it is, how will you ever know what it needs?  Or, what to do with it?

Spiritually speaking, this is called, “being willing to see the truth.”  And it’s kinda like bringing a knife to a gun fight.  You gotta know what you’re dealing with to know what you need to be able to deal.


For me, what it really boils down to is listening. 


Listening to myself.  My body.  My wisdom.  My gut.  Especially when my body’s saying “yikes!”


So now it’s your turn.  Ask yourself how you handle those uncomfortable, painful, down-right-yucky moments?  Do you turn into them?   Avoid ’em like the plague?  Or run like heck?

Your answer is full of insight into why you are exactly where you are.  ❤