How to Love Your J-O-B

CaleyPowerPointTemplate-1I love my job.

There’s nothing else on earth I’d rather do.

That doesn’t mean it’s always easy.   Or without stress.
Or that there aren’t days I question if it’s what I really want to do.

Yet I can confidently say I a love it.   And feel love for it.

Not because I’m any different than you.

Or because my job is better than yours.

But because I’ve figured out HOW to love it.
So I can fall head-over-heels in love, over ‘n’ over again, no matter what comes my way.

And you can, too.   You just need to learn how.

To make it easier, I’ve broken it into 3 essential (+ totally do-able) practices for loving your job (+ anything else).

1.   See opportunities rather than problems.

Oh my gosh, this one’s a slippery little sucker!

Most of us go to work hoping to do a good job.
So we love when things fall into place + leave us looking fan-freakin-tastic.

But what about those times things don’t seem to fall into place? When there’s something we need to learn.
Does that mean you feel ri-freakin-diculous?

If so we just totally nailed your block to loving your job.

Life is about learning.   So we can grow.   And do new things.   Experience adventure.
And raise our awareness + love for the world.

Problem solving is one of the best ways to learn!

The minute you start seeing “set backs” as an opportunities for growth everything changes. 
Suddenly you’re welcoming ’em in instead of fighting ’em.
And, you’re growing, happily, with each project + opportunity that comes your way.

“It’s not up to us what we learn, only whether we learn through our joy or our pain.” ~Marianne Williamson

Decide to learn through joy and no matter what comes your way, you’ll feel the love.

2.   Understand your why.

Your why is your purpose.   And your purpose is your why.

No, I’m not trying to rap for you. (Thank God!) I’m just trying to get you in touch with your WHY.

By this, I mean, why you do what you do.  Versus what you do.

Your why is your source for loving your job.  Not what your job is.

Here’s a funny + totally true example:

I pick up my dog’s poop.   Everyday.

1) I love her + want her to be part of my life.
2) I like being able to walk in front of our building without stepping in, or smelling, poop.
3) It’s who I want to be.   As a person.  Someone who cares for + respects my dog, building + neighborhood.

Do I love picking up her poop in the moment?  Not so much.

But I do it, happily, because I know WHY I’m doing it.

So even though it’s not my fav part of being a dog owner (+ will totally keep me from ever owning a large breed dog)
I do it with love + feel love for it.   ‘Cause no poop means no pug.   And that would be a tragedy.

The more clear I am on my why, the more I love every little detail my j-o-b.  (Even the stinky ones.)

And you will, too.

3. Find value in what you do + give.

Whatever you do for a living has value.

No matter what you do.

You are giving something important to the people around you + the world. No matter how high or low on the ladder.
You are offering something that makes the world a better place.

And the more in touch you are with this, the more love you will feel each and every day.

I know it can be easy to take what you do for granted. Especially as the “newness” wears off and it becomes routine.
But when this happens, that’s how you feel- taken for granted.

Find ways to stay in touch with and value what you are creating + bringing to the world each day.
And get clear about what you are actually giving.

For example: if you’re a barista, you’re not really giving people coffee-  you’re giving ’em a morning experience.

A home away from home.  Connection.  A ritual.   A way to start their day.  Security.  Comfort.   And love.

If you get caught up in the coffee, your job can become boring.  Regimented.  And you’re “what’s in it for me” focused.
Which always creates more yuck feelings, ’cause all you’re focused on what’s missing.  Instead of what you’re giving.

If you value the exchange + experience you’re creating for your customers, then you’re focused on what you’re giving,
and you feel filled up.  Effortlessly.

‘Cause you’re focused on what is happening. What is there. What choices, power + skills you do have.
Instead of focusing on what’s missing.

And, when you’re connected to what is, it’s easy to feel love.