How to Reach Your “Next Level” Goals

It’s New Year’s Resolution time again!  Do you have yours picked out?  

The thing I love about resolutions is they tend to be “next level” focused.   You know, go from good to great.   Average to outstanding.   From couch to 5K.

All awesome goals.  All gorgeous wants.  All things I so want for you! 

AND it takes something different to reach these “next level” goals. 

See, for most of us, we don’t change things in our lives until the pain gets unbearable.

Then, when the pain is bearable, or we feel a little hopeful, we STOP doing whatever it was that got us to this comfort zone.   Which inevitably leads us to a new stuckness + pain.    And the cycle continues….

To get out of this yo-yo pattern and to the next level requires deeply personal practices + rituals.  

Practices to keep you moving forward.   Going after your dreams.   Setting new goals.

And rituals to keep you grounded.   Peaceful.   Faith-filled.  And, kicking resistance in the butt. 

Without either of these we end up toggling back and forth between pain + hopeful, never actually reaching that next level.  

We see it.  

It’s so close.  

We can almost reach out and touch it then… poof! the wheels come off and we’re back to square one.

Can you say frustrating?!

Well, practices + rituals totally help you end this cycle and actually reach the next level when you know how to use ’em.  

Here’s 4 essentials to creating practices + rituals that’ll get you to the next level:

1.  Make ’em deeply personal.

In other words, customize ’em.  Like crazy!    

Copying someone else’s practices doesn’t get us to the next level.  Being a mini-me does not get us to the next level.  Mindlessly + heartlessly doing what your told doesn’t get you to the next level. 

All the next level really is is a better version of you.   So there’s no way to get there without… you

This requires listening.   Listening to yourself.    Your inner child.   Your intuition.   And, asking yourself lots of questions. 

When you hear an idea you like, or something that might work for you, ask yourself how can I make this even better?  
What would make this special for me?  
Is this something I’d LIKE to do?

2.  Make ’em flexible. 

Give yourself room to groove on these.  

What feels good on a rainy day might be totally different on a sunny day.   What felt good for 3 months might need a little sprucing up now. 

That’s totally and completely Okay.   In fact, that’s key!  

Practices + rituals aren’t ironclad contracts.  They’re fluid ideas about how to keep your wheels from coming off.  

They can + will grow and change as you grow and change.

3.  Make ’em things you are 100% committed to.   Come hell or high water. 

If you can’t get on board with ’em 100%, meaning follow though no matter what, then they’re not the right fit for you.  

Keep searching for what does fit and what you can commit 100% to.   Or, see the next essential. 

4.  Make ’em about clearing your blocks. 

If you’re running into difficultly committing to,  wellanything than you’ve got some blocks you need to clear before you can pass go.  

Make your rituals + practices about recognizing and clearing your blocks, limitations and blind spots.  

Look, we’ve all got internal glass ceilings that keep our next level goals just slightly out of reach.  

Clearing those blocks is HOW we reach the next level.    And usually, it’s the shortest path.