How to Up Your Affirmation Game (+ My Rookie Mistakes)

CaleyPowerPointTemplate-3When I first learned about affirmations I dove in head first.  The idea that I could change my words and change my entire life had me at hello!

I diligently made post-it notes with Louise L. Hay’s words and stuck ’em everywhere.  All over my wallet, mirrors, fridge, notebooks home + car, you name it. 

Then I’d read ’em and nervously look around expecting some sorta genie, or maybe Happy Potter, to instantly pop into the room and “grant my wish.”

After a few times of reading these little saying and NOT having a magic genie (or even Dobby) INSTANTLY appear I started feeling worse than I did before I tired affirmations.  

Sound familiar?

Now, it would’ve been easy to blame the affirmations.  To call ’em stupid or ridiculous and turn my nose up at the whole thing.  (So many people do!)  Or to just quit. 

Well– that’s not how I work.   

So, I dove head first (again), into figuring out WHY they weren’t working for me.  Here’s what I learned:  affirmations are an art, and they take a little skill.  

It’s not as simple as reciting some words scribbled on a post-it note.  For affirmations to work, you’ve got to feel ’em, believe ’em, embrace ’em and live ’em.   They’ve got mean something to you. 

So today I want to help you up your affirmation skills.  I figure there’s no better way to do that than to break down the rookie mistakes I’ve made + what to do instead.  

Ready?  Let’s go:

1. I did it ’cause someone told me to.   With zero heart.

Kinda like homework, I jumped into affirmations ’cause Louise L. Hay told me to.  I was all head + zero heart.  I used her words, did what she did, went through the motions and ignored any red flags that came up for me…. I tried (my best) to be a mini-Louise.  

Instead:  Engage your heart!  

Affirmations only work when you feel ’em.  In your body.  Choose + use affirmations that speak to you.  That touch you.  That feel like emotional bullseye in your body.   The words aren’t nearly as important as the response they create in your body.  Changing how you feel IS the path to changing your life. 

2. I was worried.  Worried it wouldn’t work.  And, worried it would. 

In my heart of hearts, I was terrified that it wouldn’t work AND that it would.  

I wasn’t prepared for a better life yet.  I wasn’t really ready to leave my comfort zone.  So, while I liked the idea of having a better more passion filled life, it felt a bit like jumping from the high dive. Good in theory, terrifying in practice. 

Instead:  Acknowledge + look for any blocks or internal glass ceilings!

One of the (many) great things about affirmations is that, when you let ’em, they’ll highlight your patterns and internal blocks.   Look for any kind of eeek! that comes up when using affirmations.  It’s a like a big blinking sign pointing to where you need a little TLC.

3.  I expected it not to work FOR ME.

To me, energy follows focus has always made total sense.   It’s the perfect combo of science + faith.  I wanted affirmations to be easy + totally work.  And I believed it was easy and totally worked for Louise.  I just didn’t believe it’d work FOR ME.

Instead:  Address this block first!  

This is a shining example of one of my internal blocks, and it’s a block that many of us share.  Good things can + do happen, I just wasn’t sure they happened for me.   Make sure you believe they’ll happen for you first.   Otherwise, you’ll end up spinning your wheels. 

4. I ignored how I felt.

Remember above when I said I was all head + zero heart.   Well, truth be told, I was feeling something each time I read one of my little post-it notes– it just wasn’t a good something.  

Instead:  Forget the words, focus on how you feel!  

Energy does follow focus, and energy isn’t thoughts.  Energy is the spark + fire that we feel.  It’s the zest + vitality that moves through us.   Sure, words can create vitality, but not all words do.  Focus on how you feel.  The good, the bad, and the ugly and follow your emotions not your logic.