It will be worth it….

As we move into the 2nd month of the new year, I find I am having this conversation over and over again- with friends, with colleagues, with clients, with my neighborhood barista’s and salespeople.   So I wanted to share it with you, too.  This posting from i can read sums it up perfectly….

Whatever your New Year’s Resolutions were, whatever you wanted for yourself this year, they are worth fighting for!

And yes, it will be a fight at some points.  It may even be the hardest thing you’ve gone through in your life, and you may want to quit and return back to your old ways.  All these things are normal, natural and OK to feel! In fact, they are necessary to feel because they are part of the process of change.  Without them, you’d be standing still.

So instead of getting discouraged when these challenges pop up (and they will!) try being excited. I know, weird right?  Let me explain what I mean.

Try seeing these roadblocks as a sign of growth and change and success because if you weren’t feeling these “whoa…. do I really want to do this moments” it would mean you weren’t moving forward.

The reason these fears are popping up is because you are growing.

You cannot grow without some growing pains along the way.

So instead of pushing them away and judging yourself harshly for them, embrace them, celebrate them, give thanks for them.  They ARE your change!