How Long-Term Goals Can Keep You Stuck (just ask the Seahawks)

CaleyPowerPointTemplateWe’ve all been there.  Mind racing.  Heart pounding.  Second, third…. tenth guessing ourselves.


We truly believe we’re doing everything we can to reach that seemingly illusive goal.  Yet we’re totally in the dark when it comes to what needs to happen next.


Yeah.   I call this over-thinking.  And the Seahawks super bowl loss is the perfect example of this.


In those last 20 seconds they were so focused on “the prize” (winning) they lost sight of what needed to happen.  Right.  Now.  They literally took their eye off the ball.


To be successful with long-term goals you’ve gotta know two things:


  1. Where you are right now.
  2. What (baby) step needs to happen next.


No matter how close or far you are to the finish line.


I know.   It sounds kinda crazy.  Backwards almost.


But the truth, is all the middle stuff- all the baby steps- can feel kinda mundane.
They trigger resistance.
They get boring.  
They’re without glory.

AND they’re how you reach your goals.  Whatever your goals may be.


Here’s 4 signs the finish line is distracting you from playing your best game:


  1. You don’t know where you are right now. Or, how you got there.


If you’re unaware of what you’re doing right now, there’s no way to figure out what alterations need to happen to reach your goal. Knowing your starting point gives you a much clearer plan of attack.


  1. You feel blindsided. Often.


Basically, you’ve been so focused on the horizon (long-term goal) that what’s right in front of you is a huge blind spot.   You don’t even see “it” coming.

Like the Seahawks. You’re thinking 20 seconds down the road, while your opponent is looking for opportunities right now.

  1. You miss opportunities.   Often.


Again,  you’re focus is so far from now.  So far in the future. Down the road. Out there.   That you don’t see what’s right in front of you. Right now.

You’re trying to run the clock out, so the other team can’t score, and totally miss the chance for you to score. Right now.


  1. You keep asking, “Yeah, but, how do I get there?”


This is a dead giveaway that you don’t want to see what’s going on right now. You’re feeling the tediousness of the baby steps and trying to skip to the end.


What you’re really asking for is that magic pill that gets you across the finish line with none of the blood, sweat or tears.   Which is a perfectly acceptable goal.  AND, you’ll be way more successful finding it if you clearly state that as your goal.  🙂

“At 26 years old I won’t allow 1 play or 1 moment to define my career. 
I will keep evolving. 
                          -Russell Wilson

Major Respect, Russ!   And, awesome learning moment for all of us.  12’s or not.