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Candace Nelson, Copywriter/Editor – CandaceNelson.net

candace“Caley always has a fresh perspective with which to look at life and any dilemma.  She challenges in a good way and offers tons of support.  When you work with Caley, she invests her heart in you.  Her goal is to give clients the tools they need to thrive on their own, not to have clients for a lifetime.  She is truly a delightful person to work with and she keeps the goal in mind.”

Minh-Hai Alex, MS,RD,CSSD – MindfulNutritionSeattle.com

minhai“Caley is a special soul and someone I’m so grateful to be able to refer to.  She’s not the kind of therapist/coach who just sits there and listens.  She challenges her clients and is truly invested in seeing her clients THRIVE and live authentic, fulfilling lives.  Caley’s gifts include a beautiful combination of understanding, wisdom, compassion, intuition, and creativity.”

Andrea M. Martinez, LMFT, Cultural Consultant & Clinical Supervisor – MartinezCounseling.com

andrea“She’s super comfortable to sit with and nice and very helpful.  Over the time I’ve known her, she’s just such a positive presence and is always always a reminder to me by example how we can have hard times or difficult situations arise, but we are always in control of what we do about it!  This has been huge for me.  I consider her a very empowering, positive powerful healer/leader/motivator or whatever.  Overall great person, plus she has worlds cutest pug!”

Aimee Heffernan, MS, LMFT – AimeeHeffernan.com

aimee“Caley is a natural at getting to the heart of what is keeping you stuck in life and in your relationships.  She’s open-minded, curious, passionate, and accepting of everyone.  Caley’s energy and warmth create a positive space for her clients to figure out what isn’t working in their life and feel completely supported each step of the way.  Her positive energy, intuition, and authenticity make her a true healer toward everyone around her.  And to top it off, she is just a really cool human.”

Jack Venbrux, MA, LMHC, Redeeming Hearts Counseling – RedeemingHearts.com

jack“Caley is a kind, energetic, and intelligent woman who cares deeply about others.  What I’ve seen time and again in various settings with her over the years, is a kind of solidness, a quality of being genuine and caring and able to listen, yet able to speak what she’s thinking.  She’s very intuitive and yet works the practical things, always able to share some great ideas to ponder or implement.  I definitely feel she’s a safe person to talk with.  But I think one of the qualities I most enjoy about her is simply that she’s very easy to be around, not pushy at all, very present, and often, she adds a sense of fun to whatever is going on.”