Meditation & Self-Esteem


Believe it or not, meditation is one of the simplest, and most affordable ways to help increase your self-esteem!  Meditation allows you to reflect, heal, and release baggage or unhelpful energy all while getting connected to your core self.

The simple act of focusing on you, and the here and now, strengthens your relationship with your core self, nurtures your core self, and allows you to know you!   Self-esteem comes from within.  It may be influenced by outside information, but ultimately it comes from the relationship you have with you.

Self-Esteem as a Sink Stopper???

I like to think of self-esteem as a sink stopper; it determines how full or empty we are, and what stays or leaves us.  If we don’t have a sink stopper then everything we take in, both good and bad, just flow right through us.  So even when we receive a compliment, we still feel empty because we aren’t able to keep it or have it fill us up.  We need a developed stopper internally to be able to decide what to do with outside information.

It’s impossible to build, strengthen, improve, or develop something within yourself if you don’t take time to focus on yourself.   Mediation is a simple way to exercise and develop your sink stopper.

Picking a  Meditation

There are many types of meditation.  My favorite meditation technique is one that allows you to actively picture doing things in order to get to a quite place.  Personally, I’ve never been very good at using quite to get quite.  So I searched for a technique that I can sort of “wind down” and get to quite by embracing the thoughts that inevitably come up.

Finding a technique that works for you is very important.  If one doesn’t work don’t toss the idea of mediation out the window, just try a new one.  There are many places to research meditation practices; you can search for meditation classes in your area though search engines, i-tunes has 100’s of free meditation stations in the podcast section, and there are endless books, dvd’s, and cd’s on this subject.  Try checking out your local library for materials to save costs and “try on” different techniques.

My Favorite Technique

I took a mediation class though The School of Intuitive Insight.  If you are in the Seattle area highly recommend Ginna and her classes!  This is a very simplified version of the practice I learned from Ginna, and is an easy starting point.

  • Start by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath and focusing on yourself.  Then create a grounding cord.  Picture turning your cord “on” (like turning on a light switch) and set it to “high release.”  Then ask anything you don’t want, isn’t yours, or doesn’t feel good to leave your body and mind through your grounding cord.  As new thoughts pop up they simply go down your grounding cord.
  • Notice what things you do want to get rid of, what feels like they need to go, and which go easily.  Keep releasing.
  • Next, start calling back all of your energy, hopes, dreams, health, money, love that you’ve lost, spent, or given away.  Picture it coming back to you in the form of a golden sun and these suns continuously fill you up.
  • As you are filled up with positive things and your own energy, keep releasing anything that doesn’t need to be there, isn’t yours, or doesn’t feel good down your grounding cord.
  • Notice the flow of energy though you.  The filling up of the golden suns, and the lightening of your burden though your grounding cord.  Keep releasing and calling back thoughts and energy as long as you want to, or until you feel lighter and full of positivity.

Be aware of how are you feel after your meditation.  What things did you notice getting rid of?  What did you keep?  What did you ask for in your golden suns?  The answers to these questions hold precious information about you, who you are, and where you find strength and where you are being depleted.  These answers are the beginning of a deeper, more detailed, more meaningful relationship with you!