Modern Day Journaling

The 5th tool I’d like to share from my toolbox is a new version of an old standby…. Journaling.

Journaling is an important self-care tool because it is a great way to 1. Keep track of your thoughts and feelings 2. Discover patterns in your life, and 3. Shines light on the places where you have grown vs. the areas you still need support.

In other words, Journaling helps us to see not only where we started and where we are now, but also how we got here.

I think what keeps many of us from utilizing this easy affordable tool is the misconception that journaling has to be time-consuming, tediously detailed, only kept in a special journal or notebook, or be written in full sentences. None of this is true!

We can use our cool gadgets and new technology to make journaling modern, simple, easy, and portable. Laptops, cell phones, iPods, and daily planners can all be easily transformed into modern-day journals.

Here are some examples of how to turn your favorite technical gadget into a useful modern journal.


  • Create a “week in review” playlist by adding one new song each day of the week that sums up how that day went for you. Repeat this process each week.

Cell Phones

  • Using your calendar function you can either add descriptive words that summarize your day, or rate your enjoyment of tasks once completed.
  • You can also text yourself descriptive words, or even just a smiley face, when good things happen through out your day.
  • Or you can take pictures through out your day or week to document your highs and lows.

Email Accounts

  • Create a journal for yourself through email. Take a minute each day to type out a few sentences describing your day and then email them to yourself; this can be done at work or home, or if you have email on your cell phone while waiting in line, sitting in a waiting room, on your lunch break, basically anywhere. Next, create a specific folder dedicated to Journaling in your email account so they don’t get lost, or clog up your inbox.

Laptop/Desktops- There are so many communication programs to choose from, pick one that you like and make it your own. For example, you could….

  • Record MP3’s of your thoughts
  • Create picture journals by adding favorite photo’s into your favorite’s on Flickr
  • Create an Excel Spreadsheet tracking descriptive words for each day