Saying No

Do you have difficulty saying No? Do you struggle even more with what to say No to?

Here’s a thought that may make those No’s a bit easier for you….

You have to say No sometimes, so that your Yes can mean Yes.

By saying Yes to everything, our Yes’s become watered down and less meaningful. Adding a No in our vocabulary from time to time means that when we say Yes, we really mean it.

3 Simple Steps to Creating More Meaningful Yes’s

  1. Take a few minutes to review your commitments and to-do’s and pick out the things that are important to you, and/or that you really want to do.
  2. Highlight these as the Yes’s in your life, and whatever is left over are potential No’s.
  3. Now, without feeling bad, because you now know that these No’s are less important to you, start saying No to one of these things per week. Just one new No per week means that your Yes’s can begin to shine through the chaos, become more meaningful, and become the story of your life.

Still feeling guilty about saying NO?

Try reminding yourself that no one wants to be 2nd, 3rd or 7th on a list of importance. By you gracefully, tactfully, and nicely declining, a space is created for someone who would have this event/group/task on the top of their importance list. So really, it’s a Win-Win, no need to feel bad at all!