The Art of Apologizing

I love this quote.  It’s a great perspective and SO TRUE!

Relationships aren’t about winning, or beating each other, or being right.  Relationships, by definition, are about connection and sharing time, energy, laughs, hopes, dreams, failures, hurts, life with someone.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a friendship, romantic relationship, or family… we get the most out of relationships when we share connection with someone; when we are brave enough to be vulnerable with someone; when we take the time to see things from their perspective and realize we can both be right.

I like the example of accidentally stepping on someone’s toe.  You didn’t mean to step on their toe, or intend to hurt them (hopefully), but their toe still hurts.   So we apologize for the hurt they are feeling in their toe, which is real, no matter how the incident happened.  No need to look for blame.  No need to get defensive.  We just connect with them about the pain in their toe.

Inevitability, we are going to hurt those we care about most.  We are human.  It doesn’t make us bad people, or poor partner’s, or mean friends it just means their feelings got hurt much like their toe.