The Dark Side of Intuition: 4 Fears That Keep You Avoiding You

I’ve always been intuitive.


I often know my friends are pregnant before they do. I’m a 20-Questions champ. And know when my hubby’s put the empty jar of peanut butter back in the fridge even before I’m home.


And I’d always just left it at this. A funny party-trick, if you will.


But the longer I work with clients the more this “skill” has insisted on being heard.


I ignored it.

For years.

And it just kept getting louder.

Changing forms.

Demanding to be acknowledged.


The more I ignored it, the more I ended up sabotaging my life, relationships + business.


Kinda like what Joseph Campbell refers to as the Hero’s call.  My soul just couldn’t (or wouldn’t) rest until I embraced this gift and started down the clairvoyant road.


I’m happy to say I’m now several months in to a clairvoyant training program. (One I bailed on, at the last minute, for the last 3 years.)


And my life + business will never be the same.


Now that doesn’t mean it’s been a smooth road.


There have totally been times I’ve wanted to put this particular genie back in the bottle.


I mean, it can be scary.   Disorienting.  Nerve-racking.


And, to really be able to help people, you’ve got to do your own work.

So you know what’s yours.

And, what’s theirs.


And nobody really talks about this part.  


What it takes. Why it’s scary.  And why we avoid it.


So our fears, misperceptions and lack of knowledge run wild.  Blossom.  Make fear babies.  And keep us ignoring ourselves.


Today I want shed some light on these fears by sharing mine.    So hopefully you don’t wait as long as I did. And you can start fearlessly listening to yourself, now.


4 fears that kept me from letting my intuition skyrocket + how intuition has helped me through ‘em:


1.  What will people say?

Totally normal, pretty common fear, no matter what we’re going after. When it comes to intuition this one is a particularly funny catch-22.


Yes, people may have not-so-nice responses to your pursuit of the woo-woo.   And, the farther you go in your clairvoyance skills, the more sure you’ll be that that their fear is totally about them.  And has nothing to do with you.


Which makes it effortless to feel compassion for them.  And totally peaceful in your path.


2.  Fear of seeing the truth.

From a young age we start seeing things as the people around us want us to.

To fit in.

To be accepted.

To win brownie points.


It easily becomes unclear what’s our truth and what we’ve accepted as our truth. So, opening the Intuition Box can kinda feel like opening Pandora’s box. You have no idea what you’ll find.


Turns out, that old cliché, “the truth will set you free” is totally true.
The more willing I am to see the truth…the more I see.


Options, opportunities, patterns, hiding, blaming, shaming, fear, avoiding, compassion, sabotaging.  In both me + others, to name a few.



3.  It’ll overwhelm you.

You’ll become Whoopee Goldberg in Ghost.   You’ll be haunted- all hours of the day + night- with info just dying to connect with you.


Turns out, intuition isn’t all or nothing.


It’s kinda like volume.  I can turn the volume up or down, based on what’s going on in the moment.


Once you’re willing to own this gift, you’re able to create + learn techniques for dealing with it.



4.  What if I’m wrong?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to intuition.   Just interpretation.


We all see, intuitively or not, through our own lens.


Which is created by our life experiences, beliefs and interactions. This is why I see a friend bailing on lunch at the last minute one way, and you see it a totally different way.


Both are right.


They’re just different interpretations of the same event. Because they’re coming from different viewpoints.


The more you’re willing to see, the more you’ll be able to see this one, too.