The Happiness Project

I found this great blog over the weekend (thank you Hulu!).

What I love about this project is that the  author, Gretchen Rubin, “test-drives” different theories, suggestions, and methods to create happiness in her life;  she takes a suggestion or method and sees how it fits for her.

This is the key to creating more happiness in your life!

Happiness is not a one size fits all thing, it’s not supposed to be, and it’s OK that your happiness is different from my happiness.  The only thing about happiness that matters is that it actually makes you feel happy vs. should make you feel happy.

For example, in this post Gretchen talks about test driving a gratitude journal, which is a pretty common suggestion for creating more happiness in your life.   She says,

“Gratitude is extremely important to happiness, and keeping a ‘gratitude journal’ is an often-recommended exercise, but my gratitude journal never had much effect on me. I just found it annoying, and my journal was very dull. On this charming site, Thxthxthx, however, the writer manages to be very funny and engaging — and also show genuine gratitude.”

Gratitude is an extremely important component of happiness, however there are countless ways track and acknowledge gratitude and a journal is just one of them.  Creating happiness in your life comes from hearing suggestions, like adding gratitude into your day, and finding a way to make it work for you.

Instead of a journal maybe you….

  • Send yourself or your love ones emails about the things you appreciate
  • Place post-it reminders around your house
  • Use your egg timer to spend just 1 minute a day making a mental list of the things you are grateful for
  • Set reminders in your cell phone to stop and be grateful 2,3, or 4 times a day
  • Create a “appreciation jar”- you and your family write down 1-3 things you are grateful for each day and place into the jar that you read together once a week
  • Create some sort of an “appreciation challenge” with your partner or kids to see who can come up with the most things to be grateful for
  • Use a chalk or white board to track your appreciation
  • Pick one thing you are grateful for each day and then just count how many places you encounter it through out your day
  • Text yourself a G, each time you feel grateful

The list could go on and on… it’s not about what or how you do it, it’s just about doing something that feels good to you.