5 Step Forgiveness Plan (Step 1)

Gosh, can you believe it’s July already?  June just flew by, and now July seems to be doing the same thing!  Checking the calendar, I realize I’ve gotten a bit (OK, maybe more than a bit) behind on my newsletter and blog posting, so I’ve decided to take a page out of my own play book, and create more balance in my life (and blog) by making my newsletter into a bimonthly topic instead of a monthly topic.

I am finding that I have more to say about each topic than one month allows, so I am going to take advantage of time and dedicate 2 months to each topic.  Hopefully, this will allow me to share more thoughts with you guys, and time for you to actually read and process what I write.

That being said, I am going to use the month of July to break my 5 step forgiveness plan into a few posts.  My hope is that giving you each step one by one will allow you to follow and experience the forgiveness process in real time vs. just reading about it and trying to apply it on your own later.

So here we go…..

Step 1-Move Beyond Anger

I know this can sound like a difficult step, in fact you may have thought that this step alone is forgiveness, but it’s not.  This is where the journey to real, genuine forgiveness begins.

Anger and resentment are really just brave faces we put on to mask our real hurts from those who hurt us, and sometimes from ourselves.  Staying in anger is easy because it makes whatever happened about the other person’s actions and not the hurt we felt as a result of their actions.

Staying angry and resentful keeps us treading water so to speak, or surface level.  Which makes complete sense- I mean we did just get our feelings hurt!

But remaining at surface level does not allow us to heal and move on.  Moving beyond anger to what your real feelings are is like treating an illness vs. treating it’s symptoms.   So for step 1, take some time and figure out why this really hurts, or is embarrassing, or feels like it’s happened before, or has brought out such intense emotion in you.

Allow yourself to get in touch with these real feelings, and just simply acknowledge them.  You’ll be amazed the relief this brings.


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