What Brings Out the Best in You?

CaleyPowerPointTemplateIt’s that time of year.

You know, when gratitude make a major comeback.

We jump on this giving thanks float every year.   And, my guess is that every year your thanks head in the same general direction: family, friends, health, being together….

What if this year you shake things up big time and give thanks for the hurdles you’ve experienced?

If you’re anything like me you’ve learned to reframe the setbacks you experience.  To see ’em as lessons.  Opportunities.  For both growth and learning.   (I love a good reframe!)

But, do you ever give thanks for ’em?

I know I didn’t.  Until recently.

Thanks to Joel Osteen, I’m seeing these hurdles in a totally new light.   And giving thanks for them like crazy!

See, we’re all basically like seeds.   Waiting to grow.

And how do you get a seed to grow?   Plant ’em of course.

When you think about it, being planted feels a lot like the dark spots in our lives.

Shoved into a tight, dark, cramped place.  Covered with shit dirt.

Totally disoriented.   Alone.  Potentially lost.

Our only guidance system comes from within ourselves.

We have to reach within + trust ourselves.  We have to find a way to break our old shell and let our inner brilliance out in order to get back to the light.   Just like a seed.

So simple.  So beautiful.   So clarifying.

So now, I find myself giving thanks for being planted.  Constantly!

I’m thankful for the darkness.  For the shit dirt piled on me.

Because it’s all part of how I grow.   It’s exactly what I needed in order to become the best me.

Thank you.   Thank you Universe for planting me!

“I like the good times a lot better.   But it wasn’t the good times that brought out the best in me.”  -Joel Osteen