What You’re Really Saying Goodbye to When You’re (finally) Able to Let Go



Goodbye’s can be hard.


Even when you’re ready to say goodbye.


Even when they lead to your purpose.


Which used to confuse me.   And make me wonder if I was making the wrong choice.  After reading The Alchemist I realize what’s really going on.


See, everything has a soul.  A purpose.  A reason for its existence.


And whatever “it” is that you’re saying goodbye to was created out of needAnd served you for as long as you’ve let it.


Now that you’ve grown, healed and are ready to let go, you’re not just saying goodbye to some person, place or thing.  You’re saying goodbye to the soul that totally supported you.  And had your back when you needed it most.


This is why it’s so emotional.   And, so powerful to say goodbye.  Even when you’re ready.


I wrote this goodbye letter to my old website on a Friday.   I’d known for months the goodbye inevitable.  Necessary.   In my best interest.


The very next day I was able to sit down and create my new website.  Something I’d been trying to do for 9 months.  And, it went live in less than a week.




Not to me.


Dear Life Purpose Coaching,

You came to me when I needed you most.


I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done for me.  And all you’ve helped me create.


You were inspiration when I was burned out.  A safe place to hang while I figured things out.  A beacon of light when I needed it most.


I clearly remember the day I decided to “hire” you as my title, my tagline, my purpose.


You felt safe. A way to help people without having to look within too much, get too involved, be too vulnerable, or feel too exposed.


At the time, you were all I knew how to let myself have.


You to protected my heart.  Shielded me when I wasn’t strong enough to shield myself.  And gave me space to figure things out.


With the time and space you created for me, I’ve found my voice.  I’ve found my strength.


And my life is forever changed.


I now feel strong enough to truly be me.   And able to let myself actually have the love, fun, respect, healing and income I’ve been dreaming of.


I’m forever grateful for all you’ve brought into my life.


I love you.


And I’m finally ready to let you go.


Your turn.

What do you need to say goodbye to in your life?  So you can move on?

Don’t just phone it in.  That won’t help.   Find a way that touches your soul + shifts your energy.

It’s never our heads that keep holding on…


**If you’re saying goodbye to something big- a relationship, marriage, career or an unproductive pattern– and feel like you could use some help, I’ve got your back.