When Shift Hits the Fan: Emotional Hangovers

CaleyPowerPointTemplateLately I’ve been hitting it hard.


By “it” I mean writing.


Not just writing.  More like soul-searching, core-level, life changing expressing myself.


See, I’ve known for months that I want to create a new website.


I’ve also known for months that my old website writing chops weren’t up for the job of creating what I have pictured in my mind.


So I’ve been digging deep.


Clearing my blocks.   Uncovering limiting beliefs- some I didn’t even know I had. Processing them. Transforming them. And, letting them go.


All while writing weekly posts, website content and oh, you know, living my life.




I’m sure you can relate. Life gets crazy for all of us at times.


The part of this intense emotional shifting I want to explore today is the physical symptoms that come along with it.


For me, it’s usually fatigue, body aches + pains, muscle soreness, foggy headedness and other flu-like symptoms.


Exactly how I’d feel if the “it” I was hitting was happy hour.


Which is why I call this experience an emotional hangover.


Just like when we have a little too much happy at happy hour, we can physically feel the effects of emotional + energetic processing the next day.    


It’s normal. Healthy. Common.


Especially when we’re energetically + emotionally perceptive, intuitive and attuned.


But, if we’re not aware of this phenomenon it activates all kinds of shame and confusion.


We question what’s wrong with us. Call ourselves weak and emotional.


Believe we’re actually physically sick. Like with the flu… or worse.


And, unknowingly create this feeling way too often.


Reeking havoc on our lives, schedules + health. Not to mention totally harming our self-image by blaming ourselves for what we’re experiencing.


I know before I knew about emotional hangovers I felt these things. Often.


I spent tons of time actually physically sick because I was emotionally overdoing it.  All. The. Time.


Which is why it felt so important to me to write this post.


As is.


Without trying to fix it.   Simplify it.  Or adding more emotional work to your plate.  (Or mine.)


Just shedding some light on what’s going on.


Why you feel this way.


And to reassure you there’s nothing wrong with you.  Nothing.


You’ve just been over doing it, emotionally.


Cut yourself some slack.  Don’t worry about fixing it right now.


Just take a deep breath, and let this new insight + perspective sink in.


When you’re ready, you can totally learn how to grow your emotional tolerance.  So you can have some happy at happy hour without feeling it the next day.