Why Resolutions Don’t Stick: The Step You’re Missing

CaleyPowerPointTemplateDoes this sound familiar?

A new year rolls around and you.  are.  ready.

You’re ready to make THIS the year that you keep your resolution(s).


You’ve got a plan.   You’ve told your friends.   Dished out the money.  Signed up for the class.   Bought the gear.   Whatever’s needed to make 2015 your bitch.  


Then, quicker than you’d like + sooner than you feared, 2015 starts to feel like every other year….


Here’s the thing my friends.   All this planning + being ready good stuff.   Really good stuff.   And, planning alone won’t get ya to your goals.


See, you’re forgetting one key step in changing your life:  saying goodbye to the old you.


Diving into a new year, new resolution, new goal, new pattern or habit without saying goodbye to the old you is kinda like diving into a new relationship without breaking up with your previous one.


It’s messy. 


And there’s this sorta half-assed really unfocused energy weighing you down. 

So you can’t fully commit or get totally behind your new plan. 


You want it.  The new plan.   AND the pull to stay in your comfort zone is crazy intense.


It’s impossible to stay the non-worker-outer, non-promotion, non-savings, lots-o’-debt you AND become the in-shape, I-got-a-fat-promotion, have-lots-o’-savings, all-my-debt-is-paid-in-full you.


You gotta let go of the old you in order to make room for the new you. 


The truth is: whoever you were- outta shape, under paid, in debt to your eyeballsyou were this ‘cause it served you.  


In some way shape or form it kept you comfortable.  Happy enough.  Safe enough.   Secure enough.  And feeling in control.


If it didn’t you wouldn’t have made it your comfort zone.  Period.


So now that you want more for yourself (which is so awesome, BTW),  more than just enough, you’ve gotta acknowledge all the ways this old-self + old comfort zone served you.


Thank ‘em.


And say goodbye to ‘em.   Literally.


“Goodbye sleep-in instead of work out me.”

“Goodbye keep spending money with no plan me.”  

“Goodbye lower pay grade than I’m worth me.”

It’s your way of declaring to yourself + the universe you’re ready for more.  You’re willing to leave your comfort zone behind.  And cleansing your body + energy of the old you.  

Whenever you feel resistance, consider stopping, or think you can’t do it, just come back to these goodbyes.  As often as needed.  Every hour if that’s what it takes. 


“Goodbye old me. You’ve been my constant. You’ve been my comfort. And for that I thank you.”