Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working For You

We’ve all heard the saying, “What you put out is what you get back.”

And it sounds so simple, no?

This over-simplified statement is exactly the Law of Attraction (LOA) gets a bad rap.  And, why it can feel like it’s not working for you.


See there’s a “catch” to the LOA that most people don’t know: it doesn’t just listen to our words.   It listens to- and mirrors back– our FEELINGS, too.


It’s a mind-body sorta thing. That you can’t fool, deceive, get around or dupe.  Kinda like a lie detector.   The LOA always lets you know where you really stand on a subject.


Here’s 3 ways we butcher the LOA that make it feel like it isn’t working:


1.  Change your words. Only.


When it comes to LOA words help us to get in touch with our feelings/beliefs. Paying attention to what naturally comes out of our mouths is an easy way to figure out what we actually believe- deep down in our bodies.

So when it comes to making the LOA work in your favor, it doesn’t matter so much WHAT we say, as it does if we believe what we’re saying.   If we’re physically in alignment with the words that are coming out of our mouth.  Or not.

Changing your words alone won’t help you if you’re body is screaming “Hell NO!”

You gotta get your body on board with what you’re saying, or wanting, or wanting to believe. Otherwise you’re just attracting “Hell NO!”


2.  Affirmations can make it worse. (Seriously.)


If you’re using affirmations that bring up “Hell NO!” in you then you can actually make things worse. ‘Cause you’re reinforcing “Hell NO!”


It’s important to find affirmations that work FOR YOU.
That meet you were you are.
And move you up the emotional scale at a pace your body can keep up with.


For example: if you’ve spent your life telling yourself, “I suck,” then switch one day out of the blue to, “I’m awesome” you’re body is going to have a really hard time keeping up with this huge jump.

And trigger all kinds of, “oh no you aren’t” feelings in your body.


BUT if you try going from “I suck” to “I’m pretty good at __(name one thing)____.”  WAY less triggering.

Your body gets used to the positive association. And you can keep adding other things you’re good at as you climb up the scale to “I’m awesome!”


3.  Lack of Faith.


So in this one, we’re saying the “right” things. (Good!)
They’re not triggering us. (Great!)

But we’re thinking, “This’ll never work for me.”


We’re full on engaging our what-can-go-wrong muscle and totally ignoring our what-can-go-right-muscle. In other words we are sure things can go wrong. We doubt that things can go right.


With this attitude my friends, you’re gonna feel majorly S T U C K.  Big time.


Stuck + totally frustrated ‘cause you believe you’re doing “everything right.”  And yet, once again, you’re body + your words are in total MISalignment. So you’ll just create more misalignment.


I’m not gonna lie, becoming besties with the LOA and really feeling like you can create anything you want- like the Universe totally has your back– it takes some work.

How much depends on how committed you are to your old beliefs.