Why You Shouldn’t Ask for Help

CaleyPowerPointTemplateOK, I started writing a blog post about when to ask for help.


I wanted to remind you how differently things go when we ask for help before we need it.

You know,  when we have a plan + support system in place.


But it felt like total BS.


See, I’m working on my new website. (Can’t wait till it’s live!)  So I’ve been reflecting back on my favorite clients + their biggest shifts.   And, it turns out, they all came to me at their breaking points.


Now I have to warn you- this is a very slippery slope.


Some things are harder to heal at their breaking points. Relationships, physical health + tooth aches to name a few.


And yet, when it comes to inner transformation, there is something special + totally important about the “I can’t take it anymore” stage.


It forces us to look in the mirror.

Get really honest.

And, sh*t or get off the pot.


In other words it forces us to choose: move closer to our purpose or leave it in the dust…


Here’s the important thing to keep in mind: there’s nothing wrong with not being ready to go after our purpose.




What screws us up is saying we’re ready- willing to do anything + and everything- when really…

…we’re not.


This miscommunication- with ourselves- is what creates:

  • hopelessness
  • doubt
  • what feels like failure

AND totally keeps us stuck.


It’s not the not being ready.   The not asking for help.   It’s the not truly listening to ourselves that creates mistrust.


So maybe, just maybe, it’s not the right time for you to ask for help.


Maybe it’s time to re-frame your goals + stop worrying about where you want to be.

So you can figure out exactly where you are.

And start to grow your self-trust.