You are the expert on your life

I love the concept of this “grow a therapist” toy!

First, it’s just funny- love the “uuuuuuumkay” quote, and that he is able to “connect thousands with their happy place,” and that “you won’t need shock treatment.” All very good things to find in a therapist for sure!

Secondly though, I like the idea of having this silent reminder with you throughout the day. The reality is you, and you alone, are the expert on your life. There are over 10,000 (10,080 to be exact) minutes in a week, and as a therapist, I spend 75 of those minutes with you. So, it’s how you apply the things we talk about and the things you learn that ultimately influences your life.

This is exactly why I decided to ask so many questions in my blog vs. telling you tons of information. I could read every therapy book out there and summarize them all for you (and I will do some of this too), but it’s what you do with the information that matters. It’s trying on different points of view, daring to look at yourself a bit closer, and figuring out what fits for you, not anyone else, but just for you that builds a more healthy life.

So maybe this grow a therapist toy is the perfect therapist for some of us…. a sort of WWGATD (what would grow a therapist do) to take with us throughout our day and remind us that healthy lives and relationship are ultimately up to us.